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ALACHUA – Bill D’Amico suddenly passed away a couple of weeks ago. Bill was instrumental in working with Florida Senator Kirkpatrick and the Governor of Florida in overseeing the stadium committee for the first ever Florida Babe Ruth Baseball World Series, which was held in Alachua.

Working with Julian Davenport, Robert Hartley, and Fred Nobles, Bill got volunteers to tear down the South End Zone at the Florida State University football field in Tallahassee.

Bill, with the help of the Florida Army Reserve, transported the entire 2,500 seat stadium to the Alachua Recreation Center.

Bill directed volunteers, local companies, and city staff and completed the stadium for the first ever Florida Babe Ruth Baseball World Series. The 1992 World Series was important to the Alachua – High Springs area, setting the stage for ongoing tournaments, and Bill played a major role in this success.

Bill was also a big part in hosting the first T-Ball tournament ever for Santa Fe Babe Ruth.

Bill’s legacy remains as a reminder of his dedication to youth sports. In that spirit, Lawrence D’Amico and the family donated $500 to the Babe Ruth program in memory of Bill D’Amico.

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