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NEWBERRY – Gator gear, lawn chairs, power tools, electronics and kitchen cookware could be found among an abundance of other knickknacks and treasures at a community yard sale at the Newberry Lions Clubhouse.

The club rented out 10 feet by 10 feet spaces to community members from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 1.

The Lions Club, a service organization with a long history of service to those who are blind or partially sighted, also supports humanitarian efforts worldwide. The club held the yard sale as part of their monthly yard sale series to raise funds and provide community service opportunities for civic-minded individuals.

Membership Chairman Liz Jett, who joined the Newberry Lions Club in 2014, said the yard sales start in fall, and continue for about once a month into the spring.

The yard sale has two goals, according to Jett, and that is to raise funds and provide a community service.

“Whatever people sell and earn is theirs,” Jett said. “The $15 lot rent fee is the only thing we earn.”

The majority of the available spaces were occupied. The funds support maintaining the grounds and club house, and the yard sale provides a place for citizens to engage with the community and sell an assortment of items, including homemade products.

President of Newberry Lions Club Kem McIntosh said the yard sale raised several hundred dollars.

“We give people a chance to get out there and we are affecting people’s lives in a positive way,” he said. “A lot of people are just a member of a club to be a member, but you become alive when you really get involved and can experience the positive impact on people.”

The next yard sale will be held Saturday, Nov. 5. Further updates on the yard sales and other Newberry Lions Club events can be found on the Newberry Lions Club Facebook page and at Newberry City Commission meetings.

Numerous people with different backgrounds such as teaching, the medical field, cosmetology, and even retirees unite in the Lions Club to live up to the club’s motto of “We Serve,” said Jett.

Jett, also known as the “Tail-Twister,” keeps events and meetings fun in addition to raising awareness about the purpose of the Lions Club and providing community service.

“We’ll do trivia games, and games that encourage empathy for the blind,” she said.

The Lions Club of Newberry was established on Mar. 25, 1943, making it one of the oldest active clubs in Florida. The Newberry Lions Club also extends toward the Town of Tioga, Jonesville, Trenton and Archer.

The Lions Club program was founded in Chicago in 1917 by humanitarian Melvin Jones, making the centennial celebration next year for Lions Clubs around the world.

Meeting for the Lions Club of Newberry are held the second and fourth Tuesday at 6 p.m. at the clubhouse located at 25847 W Newberry Road, Newberry.

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