L-R: Owners of Hodge Farms David and Gail Hodge and Newberry Mayor Jordan Marlowe. The Newberry City Commission and mayor recognized the Hodge family’s contribution to farming and to Newberry as they celebrated their family’s Centennial Anniversary.


NEWBERRY — Newberry Mayor Jordan Marlowe delivered a proclamation to David and Gail Hodge, owners of Hodge Farms, recognizing their family’s contribution to farming in Newberry for the past 100 years. The Hodges are third and fourth generation farmers who own a 1,200-acre farm, the location of which is easily identified by their 2003 establishment of the Newberry Cornfield Maze.

Marlowe traced the family through the generations beginning with Ease and Alice Hodge, who settled on 80 acres in Newberry along with their mule, Pet, in 1919. At the time they grew cotton, corn, cattle, hogs and five children.

In 1945, Evert and Maggie Hodge were married. The couple worked the land adding acreage, peanuts, tobacco and two more Hodge children.

In 1971, David and Gail Hodge were married. They added watermelons, blueberries and a variety of small grains to their farm. Sons Mark and Brad Hodge now work the 1,200-acre farm with their parents. “Each generation has added blood, sweat, tears and the love of farming,” said Marlowe.

“The celebration of Hodge Farms’ 100th Anniversary milestone is a celebration of people, employees, clients and family and a celebration of the family’s colorful history which traces and reflects the development of the city of Newberry,” Marlowe said as he recounted the family’s history.

Marlowe also said that the Hodges are continuing to develop their farm in other ways by constructing a wedding and event pavilion on their land,

The couple received a round of applause following the presentation of the proclamation by Mayor Marlowe.

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