Letters to the Editor March 29, 2018


Support for Hardacre, Miller and Brown
On April 10th, the Citizens of Alachua will have an opportunity to exercise their right to vote. Every vote counts. your vote could make the difference in electing commissioners who will fairly represent you with experience and integrity and will not be influenced by personal agendas or special interest groups.
Gary Hardacre, Dayna Miller, and Shirley Green Brown are good stewards of our community and have only one agenda, to put you and the City of Alachua first.
Join me at the polls on April 10th and cast your vote.
Virginia H Johns
Alachua, Florida

Support for Shirley Green Brown
Shirley Green Brown has been a special person in the Alachua Community for many years. She has helped many seniors at her church and at the City’s Hathcock Community Center, helping with the Food program. She has teamed up with many volunteers organizing the Health Fair. She has served as President of the Women’s Club.
Shirley has also touched the lives of so many children in her years at Irby Elementary School. She has been a big supporter of all the special events in our City from the Egg Hunt, Tree Lighting, Parades, 4th of July and sporting events at the Recreation Center.
Please join us in voting for Shirley Green Brown, Seat 4, Alachua City Commission.
Hal and Cindy Brady
Alachua, Florida

Support for Hancock
I am new to Alachua, having retired from a job with an electric cooperative up in the cold, nasty, wet, not sunny northland. I am following with interest the upcoming elections for the City Commission.
As a former two term mayor, city council member, two term Red Cross county chair, two term county historical society board member, planning commission chair, airport commission member, and state board member of an organization that supports veterans, I am very interested in the history and attitudes of the candidates, and their actions.
In the City of Alachua I see a pattern of going along to get along, lack of forward thinking planning and leadership. Change is needed and needed desperately in Alachua. This does not mean the current folks are conspiring or doing anything illegal, they are just settled in and riding along comfortably, complacent if you will. They seem to have lost their vision.
With income to the city from electricity, trash, water/sewer, mosquito control, sales taxes, and other fees and sources, why are property taxes so high? A new vision and respect for the taxpayer needs to be awakened. After all, there cannot be “city money,” it is money the city has taken by force from taxpayers, under threat of lights out, home seized, etc. Treat it as such.
Restraint needs to come to them, or perhaps a new candidate needs to get in with his fresh ideas and research.
I support Douglas Hancock for Position 5 in the Alachua City Commission. Douglas Hancock has certainly done his research, attended meetings, is a generous local business owner on the wonderful and unique Main Street, and cares deeply and with passion about Alachua. On April 10, please join me in voting for Douglas Hancock for Alachua Commission.
Mike O’Loughlin
Alachua, Florida

Support for Gary Hardacre
I am writing in support of Gary Hardacre for City Commission Seat 5.   I have personally known Gary for 29 years.  He has served in many organizations such as the Alachua Lions Club, The Alachua Chamber of Commerce, The Boy Scout Pack and Troop 88. He has coached at the Hal Brady Recreation Center, and served on numerous boards and task force committees to help make Alachua a great place to live.
Gary is involved in all of these because he cares about the quality of life here for our children and grandchildren. His family, three generations of Hardacres, all live in the city of Alachua.  He has made this his home and wants only what is best for the citizens of this city.  
Over the past 15 years, Gary has worked diligently to bring thousands of jobs to Alachua.  I am positive he will continue to advocate and support economic development that promotes growth and increase job opportunities for citizens with all levels of educational backgrounds and experiences.
I support Gary because he has a proven record of improving the quality of life in our community.  If there is a problem, he quickly assesses it, helps to find a solution and works to fix it.  I know he will work even harder for Alachua if re-elected. Gary is a great city commissioner and I urge you to support him and re-elect him on April 10.
Fred Hilton 
Alachua, Florida

Support for Gary Hardacre
This letter is in support of Gary Hardacre for re-election to the Alachua City Commission. Gary has invested many years in our community, and he has shown his concern for people by serving in several capacities.
His work with Boy Scouts exhibits his leadership with our youth.  The next generation will continue to provide meaningful activities because of Gary being such a great role model. 
The Alachua Chamber of Commerce is very community and youth focused with members who work together as a team.   Gary demonstrates his concern for families through his volunteer work with Food4Kids of Alachua.  This program is in its tenth year because of volunteers like Gary. 
Our town is a better community; thanks to Gary and his willingness to serve in so many positive ways as a commissioner.  Please consider and vote for Gary Hardacre, seat 5,Alachua City Commission.
Vada Horner,
retired teacher
Alachua, Florida