Allison “Gabe” Green, a newcomer to Archer’s political landscape, won his bid for commissioner in the small town of about 1,400 residents.  Green, 70 years old, challenged Laurie Costello, 53, for Seat 5 on the commission

Costello was initially elected to the Archer City Commission in May 2004 after a three-way race in which she tied another candidate and ultimately won in a runoff election weeks later.

Both Green and Costello had been talking up plans for a wastewater system in the City of Archer in hopes that the infrastructure would open doors to more economic development.

In Tuesday’s race, Green defeated Costello, a six-year veteran of the commission.  Green came up with 207 votes as compared to Costello’s 157 votes.

With 364 ballots cast, about 56 percent of Archer’s voters turned out for the election held Tuesday. 

City officials say Green will be sworn into office on Nov. 22.