Commissioner Roberta Lopez announced Monday that she would be stepping down from her seat on the Archer City Commission.

First elected to the commission in 2002, Lopez did not seek re-election in 2006.  But she did find herself back on the city commission after being elected again in 2008.  Most recently, Lopez left her mark on the city with the Aug. 2 opening of the Archer Community Center, a project she has championed since 2003.

Lopez was born in Archer but moved away at the age of 17, she said.  In 2000, she moved back to Archer along with her husband.  After organizing several clean-ups and senior and youth events in Archer, she tossed her hat in the ring, seeking election to the commission in 2002.

It was after that election that she first saw the inside of the old Archer High School gymnasium, which was built in 1937.

“My first thought was, how do I get this place restored and turned into a multi-purpose center,” she explained.

Organizing efforts to fund restoration of the dilapidated building was a major reason she decided not to seek re-election in 2006.

All of that work paid off as Lopez led the charge to raise more than $900,000 through donations and grants.  The opening held earlier this month drew hundreds of area residents, dignitaries and elected officials to celebrate with the Archer community.

Lopez sees that restoration as the pinnacle of her success with the City, but it isn’t the end of her work on the center.

“My commitment remains steadfast and strong and I will continue to work with the City and the Development Committee to make the Archer Community Center a total success,” she said.

Lopez has also long championed the cause of wastewater infrastructure in Archer.

“We should applaud our new commissioners and the city manager for getting on board and seeing the need for the sewer system,” said Lopez.  “We have started the process and it is my hope that we will continue.”

While on the commission, Lopez had been selected by her colleagues to serve as vice-mayor and mayor of the City of Archer.

Lopez said her involvement as an elected official has been an eye-opening experience.

“I have grown in many ways and learned that putting the community first is of vital importance in today’s environment.

“It has been a challenge and an honor working with the citizens of Archer while accomplishing many goals that benefited the people,” said Lopez.