GAINESVILLE – An arraignment hearing for charges of criminal contempt of court against Charles Grapski was delayed Tuesday afternoon.  The delay came at the request of the Office of the State Attorney after Grapski filed two separate motions to dismiss the charges.

Judge James Nilon said Grapski’s motions would need to be considered at the same hearing with the arraignment.  Assistant State Attorney Brian S. Kramer said he could argue in general Tuesday, but not specifically, on the points of law cited by Grapski in the motions to dismiss.

Grapski has reportedly also filed a motion requesting a statement of particulars, a document with pertinent information regarding the alleged contemptuous behavior.

One of those motions to dismiss essentially challenges the accuracy of the charge.

“The order shows that Grapski’s allegedly contemptuous acts took place in open court with the Court on the Bench,” the motion states.  “If true, these acts constitute direct contempt and not indirect criminal contempt.”

The first motion to dismiss was not available as a public record as of press time.

Judge Nilon granted the motion to continue the hearing until a later date when the arraignment and consideration of the motions filed by Grapski could be considered.  That hearing is tentatively slated for Nov. 22.

A one-time State House and City of Alachua Commission Candidate, Grapski is being charged with indirect criminal contempt of court following his alleged actions and statements made on June 21 in Nilon’s courtroom.

In a September hearing, the judge granted Grapski’s motion to dismiss the original charges on the basis of procedural flaws.  The dismissal came after Grapski argued that a sworn affidavit of the alleged events did not accompany the charging documents and that the Assistant State Attorney filing the contempt charges was not witness to the June 21 events.

The petition alleging Grapski’s contemptuous behavior resulted from a June 21 violation of probation hearing in which it is reported that he approached the podium and told Assistant State Attorney Shawn Thompson to “get a real job.”

At a later hearing on the same day, Grapski allegedly approached the table of Thompson in an “aggressive manner,” pointed his finger at Thompson and stated to him, “you are a f---ing liar” not less than two times, the order alleges.