GAINESVILLE – Costs to improve Poe Springs Park continue to rise. At the Alachua County Board of County Commissioners meeting, commissioners approved over $180,000 in funding for Poe Springs Park repairs.

The Poe Springs Park budget amendment of $32,000 for the park’s retaining wall was approved with Commissioner Susan Baird in dissent. Baird was concerned by the amount of costs being directed into the project.

Baird proposed seeing if there were any other sources of funds available other than general funds for the project.

The board went on to approve $148,589 in roofing, HVAC, carpet and fencing repairs to the park.

Alachua County Parks Superintendent Robert Avery said repeair costs for the park have almost more than doubled what had been expected due to natural forces such as flooding downpours caused by Tropical Storm Debby. The high water level impacted the project already in progress to renovate the steps leading into the spring. Another set of prefabricated steps are to be installed.

Avery noted that repairs to park buildings, which were built in 1991, need to be completed before management of the park is changed. Earlier this year, plans were in the works to transfer the park’s management to the City of High Springs, but those plans were delayed as a result of various issues including budget and failure of the two public bodies to reach agreement.

The Poe Springs Park repair project is expected to be completed before by next spring.

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