ALACHUA – A $1.8 million lawsuit against the City of Alachua by engineering firm Jones Edmunds & Associates, Inc. was dropped Feb. 14, 2013.

Jones Edmunds took a settlement from the City, ending a lawsuit that began Oct. 8, 2010.

The engineering firm sued the City of Alachua over a construction project aimed to improve the City’s advanced wastewater reclamation facility. The company claimed the City breached its obligation to the company by ordering changes to the design requirements for the project and failing to obtain an amendment to the agreement for those changes.

The City paid Jones Edmunds $1.275 million toward the amount due for engineering services. Jones Edmunds claimed that the City paid nothing for the additional services needed for the project to be built and accommodate the City-desired changes in the facility’s design.

The City offered a $125,000 settlement to Jones Edmunds in January 2013.

The settlement proposed utilizing funds from the City’s general and wastewater utility fund budgets and the wastewater utility fund contingency budget.

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