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Hawthorne city officials and guests gathered to celebrate completion of the City’s wastewater system improvement project with an official ribbon cutting ceremony.

HAWTHORNE – On Friday, April 26, the City of Hawthorne celebrated the expansion of its wastewater treatment plant with a ribbon cutting ceremony.

With representatives from the commission, City staff, Sawcross, Inc., Mittauer & Associates and public works staff, as well as those involved in the grant writing and construction process present, the ceremonial ribbon was cut, marking completion of the project.

The project cost totaled $1.15 million at no expense to the City of Hawthorne. The Florida Department of Environmental Protection awarded a Legislative Appropriation Grant of $500,000 while the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity awarded Hawthorne a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) of $650,000.

The expansion consisted of constructing a new chlorine contact chamber, yard piping, electrical work and other necessary renovations that allow treatment of wastewater to increase from 150,000 gallons per day to 200,000 gallons.

An important addition to the system is the sludge dewatering box to the plant. The City can now dispose of its own sludge rather than paying utility companies to haul it off. The dewatering box will allow the City to dry the sludge and take it to a recycler, reducing the cost charged by weight.

City Manager Ellen Vause projects to save up to 50 percent in the sludge hauling cost for the next year, but would need more time to accurately track the projected savings and costs.

Beginning with construction in November 2012, the project was completed in April 2013, although Hawthorne had until February 2014 to complete construction in accordance with the CDBG criteria.

Referring to future development in Hawthorne and business and residential expansion in the eastern part of the county, Hawthorne Mayor Matthew Surrency said, “Hopefully, it sets us up well in the future.”

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