W - KFC DemolitionThe KFC in Alachua is being cleared out to make room for a new southbound ramp at I-75.

ALACHUA – The KFC near Interstate 75 has been demolished.

The demolition of the restaurant happened on Tuesday in order to make room for a new on ramp for I-75.

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) paid $1,754,900 for the land.

Currently, the southbound ramp is on the north side of the road. The new southbound ramp will be on the south side of the road for easier access, said Gina Busscher, public information director for the FDOT District 2, in an earlier interview.

In addition to the ramp, the old KFC site will host a new parking lot for commuters to park their vehicles while they carpool with someone else.

The demolition of the restaurant was the start of the project, which the FDOT says could be finished in early 2015.

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