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NEWBERRY ‒ Newberry residents made their voices heard at a recent City of Newberry strategic planning session. Citizens identified infrastructure and parks as the areas they would like to see their tax dollars support.
On Oct. 11 the City Commission set about establishing a five-year goal plan keeping in mind the areas residents set as priorities.
Commission proposed infrastructure projects include connectivity of Larry Keene Drive and Southwest 15th Avenue connectivity on Southwest 15th Avenue to County Road 337, the City Hall expansion project, installing sewer lines as companion lines to the water lines along State Road 26, implementation of an Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) system, impact fees to fund the infrastructure goals, an elevated water storage tank and expansion of a wastewater treatment facility.
Noting that the AMI system should be running smoothly in a year, Commissioners determined that the remaining projects would take two – five years to accomplish.
Mayor Jordan Marlowe said that the city has seven parks offering many of the amenities residents cited at the strategic planning session. He also pointed out that there are two walking trails. To the suggestion of beach volleyball, Marlowe said, “Done. Jimmy Durden Park.”
Marden suggested that the City provide information to residents about city-owned parks. “Maybe a map showing park locations and the available amenities in each park might go a long way toward letting people know how they can better enjoy what the City has already provided.”
In other business, City Manager Mike New offered an update on the status of the Two-way Pairs project, saying that the design is expected to be completed by April 2022. “At that point the project will be construction ready,” he said. “They are telling us funding will become available in the very next fiscal year. They are trying to make sure their design documents are complete so that we could have it out to bid before the end of 2022.” Assistant City Manager Dallas Lee said the final plan will be brought before the Commission for approval.
At Marlowe’s request, it is expected that the recreation director will brief the Commission in the next four to six weeks about park improvements and scheduling.

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