TRENTON ‒ The swimming area at Gilchrist Blue Springs State Park is currently closed. The popular recreation area encompasses a collection of natural springs, including a large second-magnitude spring that produces an average of 44 million gallons of water per day. One of its most popular springs provides a pristine swimming area of crystal-clear water.

Due to the impact of heavy rains, the park had to close its spring swimming area on Friday, Aug. 26, as well as the suspension bridge until further notice.

According to State Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) workers, heavy rains eroded and partially collapsed the seawall around the swimming area. The rains also created a mudslide that blocked access to the swimming area. There are concerns that more rains may cause the mudslide to pollute the spring head.

The park service is waiting for DEP to determine what can be done to repair the damage and rebuild the seawall to stabilize the surrounding area. There is no current estimate on cost or timeline for reopening the swimming area.

The park is still open for other activities including hiking and picnicking, but the popular swimming hole is off limits for now. The park is located in Gilchrist County about five miles west of high springs.

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