HIGH SPRINGS ‒ The Kiwanis Club of Sant Fe is lending a helping hand to the High Springs Police Department (HSPD). A special presentation was made to the High Springs Police Department (HSPD) at the Sept. 19 City Commission meeting.

Kiwanis Club of Santa Fe President Sue Weller addressed the Commission to explain that the purpose of their organization is to help children, especially very young children. She said they realize that whenever a situation arises where law enforcement has to be called in and children are involved, it is confusing, stressful and somewhat scary to the child.

To help officers calm children suffering a traumatic event, the club is donating 50 teddy bears for HSPD officers to keep in their cars to give out whenever children are involved in an upsetting situation.

HSPD Chief Antoine Sheppard said he was so appreciative of their thoughtfulness and thanked the Kiwanis Club for their partnership over the years.

Commissioners and audience members applauded the gesture.

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