ALACHUA COUNTY, FL - Alachua County Fire Rescue has announced that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis selected Alachua County 9-1-1/Communications Section Chief Keith Godwin to serve on the State’s E911 Board.
The E911 Board's primary focus is the distribution of 911 fee revenues to Counties and the advancement of 911 services technology to the citizens of the State of Florida and those that visit Florida.
The Board’s mission is to “work in partnership with Florida counties to promote the deployment of advanced 9-1-1 systems statewide and champion educational opportunities to the 9-1-1 community in support of the delivery of exceptional 9-1-1 services to the residents and visitors of the State of Florida.”
“I am honored to have been selected to the State of Florida E911 Board by Governor DeSantis,” Keith Godwin said of the appointment. “I have been an active member in E911 Board activities for several years and am hopeful my appointment will benefit the citizens of the State of Florida, 911 Centers, and those that visit the state.”
The E911 Board comprises eleven members, five County Coordinators, and five industry members, such as AT&T and TracFone. The Board Chair is the Bureau Chief, Public Safety, Division of Telecommunications. There is also an attorney assigned to the E911 Board who is not a voting member.
Since 1973, the State of Florida has been updating and building advanced emergency number 9-1-1 systems. For the most part, each county implements its own system to serve its citizens and visitors in emergency situations. Beginning in 1997, 9-1-1 in Florida transitioned to Enhanced 9-1-1 (E9-1-1), which provides location-based call routing with the caller’s telephone number and address. Additional enhancements since that time include providing the call-back number and location of the cell site for wireless calls and providing latitude and longitude for the cellular caller.

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