ALACHUA COUNTY, FL – The Alachua County Parks and Open Space Department has announce the long-anticipating opening of its new restrooms at Lake Alto Park (17800 N.E. 134th Place, Waldo). The new restrooms are precast concrete “dry” restrooms that sit atop two concrete holding tanks with a built-in ventilation system, thereby conserving water and electricity. The unit weighs approximately 55,000 lbs. and is fully ADA compliant, providing two individual restrooms with storage space between.
The total cost of the project was $103,028 and was paid for with the portion of vessel (i.e., boat) registration fees that Florida Statutes designate for the use of the counties. The department would like to extend special thanks to its contractors, Bliss Products & Leesburg Concrete.
“Lake Alto Park is an excellent site to take my grandchildren,” said Waldo City Council Chair Carolyn Wade. “The playground is clean and provides excellent exercise. Bank fishing is fun, and the rocks are incredible for climbing - some even have embedded fossils! The drawback has always been the lack of a restroom facility, and now Alachua County has fixed that. Thank you, thank you.”

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