HIGH SPRINGS – In the High Springs City Commission race, the two sitting incumbents were defeated Tuesday, Nov 7, 2023. Of the 5,429 registered voters in High Springs, 908 ballots or 16.7 percent of registered voters voted in this off-year non-partisan City Commission election. Two seats were up for grabs and in both races, the challengers received the highest number of votes.

Candidates for Seat #1 were incumbent Ross Ambrose who garnered 331 votes to challenger Andrew Miller’s 577 votes. Candidates for Seat #2 were incumbent Gloria James who garnered 329 votes to challenger Steven Tapanes’ 578 votes.

The City’s Canvassing Board, consisting of Chair and City Attorney Scott Walker, High Springs City Manager Ashley Stathatos and City Clerk Angela Stone met on Nov. 7 at the High Springs Civic Center to canvass the vote-by-mail ballots and provisional ballots and to certify the election and conduct the post election audit.

What happens next?

The Nov. 16 City Commission meeting is considered a reorganization meeting. At that time the sitting Commissioners will complete any unfinished business they may have and Mayor Gloria James will adjourn that Commission.

City Clerk Angela Stone will administer the oath of office to the two newly-elected City Commissioners. The City Manager will call the 2023-24 City Commission to order and will receive nominations for a new mayor. Once the new mayor has been elected, that individual will take over the rest of the meeting and will begin by accepting nominations for a vice-mayor.

Once a vice-mayor has been elected the new Commission will begin to consider new business. Traditionally, that is the time for the new Commission to appoint a chair and vice-chair to the CRA Board and appoint members to the various other City boards and committees. The Commissioners will also authorize the signing of checks and investment documents. Any other new business items will be addressed at that time.

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