ALACHUA ‒ The Alachua Chamber of Commerce welcomed members and guests to a social gathering touted as the Big Alachua Social Hour, or B.A.S.H., last Thursday evening.

Hosted by the Good Life Station Smart City Café at 14933 Main Street, guests were treated to the strains of a strolling violinist, refreshments by Susie’s Homemade and a sneak peek at the high-tech informational displays throughout the building.

Billed as an unforgettable evening of discovery, the Chamber promised delectable treats fresh from the oven to cutting-edge technology demonstrations, and the evening did not disappoint.

While currently open on a limited basis, the Good Life Station has targeted an early April official opening. The new business will feature a tourist information center, community center and coffee shop. Co-owner Michele Lee said, “Our digital assets are meant to be a community hub…to show of the history of this community and the events that are happening in our community.”

Thursday’s event was well attended and drew a diverse crowd of business leaders and owners, as well as the public. Under beautiful skies in concert with mild spring weather, tables decorated with spring flowers were set up outside the storefront business for guests to enjoy food, drink and conversation.

Inside, a veritable cornucopia of sandwiches, sides, and desserts prepared by Susie’s Homemade awaited for guests to sample. The gathering served as a platform not only to highlight a new business joining Main Street, but also to foster connections and partnerships among attendees.

Alachua Chamber of Commerce President Adam Boukari offered a warm welcome, expressing gratitude for the strong turnout and underlined the organization's commitment in supporting local businesses and driving economic growth.

“We are thrilled to see so many familiar faces and new friends joining us this evening,” said Boukari. “The Alachua Chamber is dedicated to serving as a catalyst for prosperity in our community, and events like this provide an invaluable opportunity for collaboration and innovation.”

After the event, the Good Life Station released a statement, “The networking event by Alachua Chamber of Commerce was a success! Susie's Homemade was welcomed with open arms and we are lucky to have her on Main Street.”

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