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ALACHUA ‒ In the heart of Alachua, the City of Alachua’s Recreation & Culture Department continues to be a source of community engagement. Last week and weekend the Alachua community provided a packed punch of activities and events at local parks and facilities. An estimated crowd of over 7,000 people enjoyed fun and excitement at open space locations including the Hal Brady Gym and Legacy’s Multipurpose Center with.

This past Saturday the City of Alachua’s Recreation & Culture Department hosted the annual Easter Egg Hunt for children ages 3 - 10 years of age. For some, the event has become a cherished family tradition as parents, who once hunted eggs on the expansive grounds, now bring their own children to experience the same excitement and create memories.

Well over 1,000 eggs spread throughout the Hal Brady Complex were found by some 100 excited and determined children, baskets in hand. Many families walked away with baskets provided by the local Dollar General Distribution Center. Even the Easter Bunny made an appearance throughout the entire event. Adding to the memories, Magnolia Lane Photography donated time to take family photos and action shots of the event.

Prior to Saturday’s event, Santa Fe Babe Ruth Softball and Baseball hosted games throughout the week with Union County, Ocala Wrigley, Branford, Chiefland and Newberry.

The Santa Fe Soccer Alliance hosted practices and academy games with their record setting numbers of almost 400 participants this Spring Season—12 games played (all local) at Legacy Multipurpose Fields.

The City of High Springs Youth Volleyball and 399 Sports/Recreation hosted weekday games and practices at Legacy’s Multipurpose Center and the Hal Brady Recreation Gym.

Spring season marches on from early April to late May, and each week and weekend throughout spring season, from basketball to volleyball, sports enthusiasts of all ages are taking advantage of the indoor facilities, fostering friendships, skills and healthy competition among local youth.

For decades the City of Alachua’s Recreation & Culture Department’s mission has been to provide a safe and enjoyable atmosphere with volunteer support from local residents. Recreation department staff say none of the activities and events can be manageable without the support of the Alachua City Commission, merchants and a strong volunteer base.

Looking ahead, coming up in the following weeks – A.C.T.F.O.R and Santa Fe Youth Soccer Alliance Host Games at the Hal Brady Recreation Complex and Legacy’s Multipurpose Fields on April 12 and 13.

And 399 Sports/Recreation & Prep Zone will host their local High School All-Star Basketball Tournament at Legacy’s Multipurpose Center on April 12 & 13 as well. More information is forthcoming.

On a final note, Recreation & Culture Department staff members are ramping up efforts on their Facebook page. Detailed information like events, programs, availability/access to fields and facilities, schedules and more are consistently provided weekly and daily. And staff members are encouraging people to visit Facebook – City of Alachua Recreation & Culture Department and “like” the page.

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