ALACHUA – Environmental science students from Cornerstone Academy in Gainesville joined University of 

Florida PhD researchers and City of Alachua officials on a tour of the Mill Creek Wetland Park in Alachua on Monday, April 15.

The tour offered students the opportunity to learn about and see firsthand the innovative methods used to treat urban stormwater runoff before it reaches the aquifer. They interacted directly with UF researchers, discussing the equipment used for water sampling and the park's importance in recharging the Floridan aquifer.

Dr. Basil Iannone, an Assistant Professor at UF, researches sustainable methods of managing natural resources as Florida continues to grow in population. Iannone emphasized the significance of the park in mitigating environmental impacts caused by human population growth. “We are thrilled about opportunities like this,” Iannone said. “It’s exciting to see nature-based solutions to the challenges presented by urbanization.

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