W_-_Mebane_Teacher_Tour_10-26-2012_2_copyJamie Krames, reading and language arts teacher/8th grade team leader; Heather Bates, school counselor; Heidi Kling, 6th/7th grade math teacher; Melissa Armstrong, reading and language arts teacher/6th grade team leader; Lisa Bailey, media specialist; Chief Joel DeCoursey; Damon Messina; Manda Bessner, Mebane

ALACHUA – Several Mebane Middle School teachers and the school’s principal and assistant principal recently took a tour of the city of Alachua to become acquainted with the community.  Alachua Mayor Gib Coerper, Police Chief Joel DeCoursey and City of Alachua Recreation Assistant Damon Messina escorted the group throughout the town, passing through Alachua’s residential neighborhoods, businesses district, and the Progress Corporate Park area as well as the sites of other schools located within the city limits