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HIGH SPRINGS ‒ In the theme of “bad news-good news,” Sharon Tugman, owner of Wisteria Cottage, recently closed her doors—that is the bad news.

On the good news side of the equation, Tugman donated all of the fine furnishings and remaining merchandise to the GFWC High Springs New Century Woman’s Club to help them earn enough money to make renovations to the clubhouse, which is located at 23674 West U.S. Highway 27.

On Aug. 22, the items went up for sale at the clubhouse and generated enough money to help them install a vinyl plank floor in part of the building to replace a worn and weary carpet. Some of the club members also chipped in to make that project possible.

Another project the club members took on is the installation of a concrete walkway at the front of the building.

“We are all so sorry to see Wisteria Cottage close as we know visitors and residents enjoyed the store for many years,” said one club member, “but the funds were put to good use.”

As it turns out not everything was sold during that sale. It is likely that the rest of the items will be listed for sale at the City-Wide Yard Sale, if it happens this year. If that doesn’t happen, the items will be up for sale whenever the club members can set up another sale.

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