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HIGH SPRINGS ‒ Members of the GFWC High Springs New Century Woman’s Club saw a need and jumped at the chance to make a difference, not only in High Springs, but also in Newberry and Fort White as well. 

Members of the Woman’s Club teamed up with the High Springs Brewing Company and local citizens on Friday, June 25, to raise the funds needed to provide both High Springs and Newberry firefighters with additional safety equipment in the form of hoods to help protect the firefighters who help protect everyone else. 

The Ft. White Fire Department did not need the protective hoods so the Woman’s Club will provide supplies for their community outreach program instead. 

Club members sponsored and organized the fundraiser and raised close to $3,000, all of which will go to the three fire departments.  The protective particulate hoods cost $95 each and High Springs ordered 13 for their department.  Newberry ordered 12 hoods for their firefighters.

The hood protects the firefighter’s head, neck and shoulders from smoke, intense heat and carcinogens generated by fire.  Hoods reduce the chance of firefighters suffering serious medical issues later in life due to exposure to substances released during the fire.  “It’s not unusual at all for firefighters to develop cancer and other diseases later in life due to their exposure to toxins,” said High Springs Public Information Officer Kevin Mangan.

Citizens turned out in force to support the Woman’s Club members and their city’s firefighters.  “We couldn’t have asked for more support from our community,” said Woman’s Club Communications and Public Relations Chair Bonnie Josey.  “We are thankful we have our own fire department in High Springs and that Newberry does as well,” she said.  “We are always amazed by the generosity of the people in our community.”

High Springs Woman’s Club members donate their time, expertise and whatever else is needed to support their community and, in this case, three city fire departments are reaping the rewards of their hard work and dedication to the area.  “The High Springs Woman’s Club is our biggest ally and community partner,” Mangan said.  “We are thankful for all they do to support us.”

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