ARCHER ‒ Julio Enrique Cambriere-Pabon, 48, of New York, was arrested at 3:24 a.m. on Sunday, Feb. 12, after allegedly entering a house where a woman was sitting on the sofa with an infant. The woman alerted her husband after the man who said his name was “Julio” refused to leave the house. When the husband challenged him at gunpoint, the subject fled the residence down the driveway.

An Alachua County sheriff’s deputy responded to the home near Archer Road and Southwest 173rd Court after a caller reported that an unknown male was in the house. The couple provided a description of the man to the deputy and told him there were nine children in the house. The house is set about 200 yards back from the road and the door had been left unlocked.

Deputies made contact with a man walking down Archer Road about 150 yards from the address. The man fit the description given by the couple and he provided a New York ID card with the name Julio Cambier.

Post Miranda, he reportedly said he was in a dream and God told him to go to this house. He said that he knew nothing about the people who live there. When he was asked why he went inside the house, he reportedly said he “didn’t know.” He said he lives with his boss but could not recall his boss’ address or phone number.

Cambriere-Pabon has been charged with loitering/prowling. He has no local criminal history. Bail was set at $10,000 on first appearance. The suspect will be held for a mental health screening.

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