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L-R: Bell Diefenderfer, Director, Community Outreach, peers into bags and goes over items along with volunteers and buyers.Today photo/C.M. WALKER

HIGH SPRINGS – On one of the most beautiful Saturdays in recent memory, High Springs residents got together to sell items they no longer needed to those who now need them.

Blue skies and cooler temperatures not only brought people to the High Springs City Hall parking area for the High Springs Chamber of Commerce-sponsored main sale, but also to the GFWC New Century Woman's Club, next door.

St. Madeleine's Community Outreach, just a couple of blocks away, also joined into the yard sale fun by putting out excess clothing, books, toys and other items that had been donated to the organization. “There's only so much room in our facility,” said one volunteer about the barrack-like structure they work out of.

In addition to the usual items one might find at a yard sale, a like-new dishwasher, a small rice cooker, a fountain, furniture and many other useful items were available. At one point the Woman's Club items, which were priced very low to begin with, were dropped to half price. “We have to move these items,” said Carole Tate, GFWC Woman's Club President.

In addition to yard sale items, the Woman's Club, which held their yard sale inside their air conditioned clubhouse, had hot dogs, soft drinks, bottled water and a sumptuous array of yummy baked items for sale.

Kids on skates were seen at each of the venues, picking over the items for what they coveted most.

Bell Diefenderfer, Director, Community Outreach, was seen peering into bags and going over items along with some of the volunteers and buyers. “Until you get everything out on the table, you don't always know what you have,” said one visitor.

One lady was going through stuffed toys to find ones to donate to the residents at Plantation Oaks Senior Living Facility. A little girl used her money wisely to buy a large box of various colored chalks.

Two women held up an interestingly designed blanket, which one of them ultimately purchased.

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